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Planting large trees is a major investment. At Southeastern Tree Surgeons LLC, we are committed to giving your trees the best chance for survival. When you hire us, the first thing we do is take soil samples and determine whether the site needs to be amended and what tree is the best fit for the site. The standard pricing includes the tree, site prep, planting, mulch, a watering bag (per Tree), a tensometer per tree and a 1 year workmanship warranty which includes 1 year of on call monitoring. Should you perceive an issue, one of our arborists will come out and check on your trees.

We also offer a gold plan which includes all of above, plus 4 monitoring visits a year for 3 years, full replacement for any reason except storm damage. Contact us today to get more information about our gold plan.

We Are The Tree Surgeons

There is no tree-related task that’s over our heads in any way. Our licensed tree service is top of the line. Our technicians are trained and seasoned professionals who are well-versed in all of the most effective tree removal and tree care techniques. We make use of top-quality materials and tools at all times. Safety and efficiency are our top priorities here at Southeastern Tree Surgeons LLC.

Our technicians always take numerous key factors into consideration such as tree species, location specifics, tree background and last but not least, overall health. We never manage or treat trees in any way until we meticulously and carefully evaluate them.

Our customers can trust us to provide them with service that’s in-depth, comprehensive and exhaustive. Call Us Today 919-614-8733

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While other tree services engage in guesswork and behave unprofessionally, our experts perform every tree service at the highest level of expert skill. 

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We Provide Full Service Tree Care To Our Clients In The Triangle Areas

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